What is a Good Person?

I came across this Good Person Test and took it. You probably don’t also have to take it because the majority of us would come out as lying, thieving, blasphemous, murderous (for hating other people sometimes, according to the bible) adulterers. Basically this little test is a way to show you what a jerk you are by God’s standards and then it leads you to salvation, which is fine for a lot of people.

I have to disclose that I am a Catholic convert but that I don’t believe everyone is going to hell, because literally everyone on Earth right now and even in the space stations out in our galaxy has sinned. Okay, maybe not tiny babies and toddlers. I’ll give them a pass. But adults? Yep.

On this blog, I’m going to document my journey into becoming a good person. I’ll dive into biblical standards for being a good person, because they certainly do apply, but I’m going to check out all the other ways we might be crappy people … and why and what we can do bible-641636_1280about it if we want to. For instance, you might be a crappy person in general because you had a crappy childhood. Or you have a chemical imbalance. Or you are just too lazy to try to change. Or you don’t even see the point in trying because why should you be good when so many other people are not?

What do you think a good person is? What are some things they do and don’t do?